Welcome to the
Amphitheater High School Class of 1964 50th Reunion
Reunion Attendees: Greetings

"We are the Panthers...."

Children of the sixties, now - in our sixties,
one-half century later,
wondering where the time went,
how it was spent
by those we saw each day in our classes,
in the halls, at games, the dances
and in our dreams, if we were in love.
(and we all were....)

This is Amphitheater High School in 2014
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El Conquistador Resort - Site of the 2014 Reunion
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A big "Thank You" to the Reunion Committee

Kudos to the members of the Reunion Committee. Their engergy and hard work over a long period of time paid off with a fantastic turnout and a great event. Two other great people are not shown here: Margaret Thornton and Mr. Reunion, John Sauer. Margaret has been instrumental in the planning for all of the Class of '64 reunions. And John deserves a special thanks for handling numerous aspects of the event - especially for the beer and wine wagon that rehydrated two "very" late-night patio confabs!

Please enjoy this initial attempt to capture the heart of our 50th Reunion. We have sifted through the 500+ photos taken by the photographers and others, old class photographs of grades school classes and the final-day tour of the "new" high school. Let me tell you - it is new in its scope and layout, but the classrooms that you and I sat in (enduring countless hours of fun, boredom and horror) were the same. The hallways have some new artwork, but the din of voices and chaotic rushes to the next class all came back in a rush of memories. We try here to share those through the pictures and comments on this site.
If you have grade school class pictures (not individual pics) that do show up here, let us know.